Bandish Ka Tor | Love Marriage Problem Solution by Prof. Sajjad Ali Shah Kazmi


Most individuals of this modern era desires to marry the love of his life. It is a fact that a person’s soul needs a person who trusts, understands and loves him. And so, many young people wish to marry the person they like. So that they live a happy and satisfied life with their spouse.


Muslims believe in Istikhara and the importance of seeking Allah’s guidance and acceptance in one of the biggest decision of their life; marriage. Therefore, Allah and His Prophets advise Muslims to perform Istikhara before taking any major decision. Apart from performing marriage Istikhara for you, we also suggest duas and wazaif extracted from verses of the Quran. The love marriage Istikhara and wazifa service is for individuals who struggle to solve their marriage problems. We promise to assist you through each step of the process with effective and helpful love marriage wazifa.


To fight against the obstacles in your love marriage, it is advised to practice wazifa for your love and marriage. Wazifa for love marriage is the Islamic dua for love marriage since the recitations are derived from the Holy Book and the teachings of Islam. The wazifa for love marriage can either be the Holy names of the Allah Almighty or verses from Quran. But consistency in practicing the wazifa is necessary to succeed for whichever method is suggested from our scholars. We encourage you to connect with our skilled scholars to discuss your problem and condition. Love marriage is a vast topic; there are many complications that may occur during the process. Like, families against the marriage, or caste, religion, tradition or social status difference. Thus, our professional scholars suggest you wazifa for love marriage according to your problem and situation. We guarantee you that we will provide you with the best solutions to ease your troubles. We assure you that the recommended wazifa will lead you to a prosperous and contented life with your love.

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